Thursday, 4 November 2010


I have overlain the nets on illustrator one by one so I can match up where one letter overlaps onto another net and how to space the letters evenly. 

With the spacing that I've used across the nets it won't stretch across all 6 just 5. Unless I increase the tracking between letters but it's not going to read well if I do that. So I can either re-arrange them or leave out one net but I want to stick with my original idea of having 6 in the range as ranges I looked at included about 6 or 7 products.

Something else quite important that has come to my attention is the accent on the first E and whether or not it is appropriate to put in and whether or not it is appropriate with the uppercase letters.

Also realised that the 3rd net isn't how it should be because the R isn't on the right face of the net. Going to have to make some alterations

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