Monday, 8 November 2010

More logos

I can't make a good logo.
I need my logo to be simplistic, minimal lettering and I want it to include 1st. 

I am unsure whether I should simplify it down to 1C to stand for 1st class but then again I want to include 1st to have the sense of importance.

This looks bad on screen but when I embossed it previously I liked the effect of having the corners around the lettering, I'll try embossing this with and without

The C looks like a moon because the serif hasn't embossed well, it is really difficult to cut out neat letters on such a small scale.

I want to stick with the design I tried out but was too big and somehow make it a scale that will work, I like this design best and I like the fact it has resemblance of a stamp.

I have decreased the kerning so that the space between the letters, where it needed to be, is less, in order to make my logo smaller. I have also moved in the four corners but I'm not sure if I want to use them, although I did like the way they turned out when I embossed them.

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