Monday, 8 November 2010

Food descriptions

Looking at existing food ranged and descriptive language to sell them on  MY DESIGN CONTEXT I have come up with some descriptions for my average food to make them sound exotic and appetising.

1) Sausage rolls- Gourmet Chevup melt in your mouth sausage rolls surrounded by a layer of golden pastry

2)  Mini quiche- Handcrafted, Mediterranean, palm sized mini quiches

3) Cheese and pineapple sticks- Fruity pineapple and creamy mature cheddar parcels

4) Crisps- Slow roasted golden potato chips

5) Hotdogs- Authentic gourmet Chicago style sausages

6) Mini pizzas- Miniature luxury pizzas topped with cherry tomatoes and basil 

7) Sandwiches- Ham- Soft white bread filled with a Fresh British marmalade glazed ham
                         Cheese- Mature British cheese sandwiched between thick layers soft white bread
                         Tuna- Fresh poached tuna on a bed of soft white bread

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