Saturday, 6 November 2010


Uses Cambria typeface, the same typeface that I'm using for the letters on the packaging to spell Soiree. I don't think this is heavy enough, I need the letters to be quite thick in order to emboss well onto the packages.
This uses Perpetua bold and works better because of the bold. This time I have included four corners also to indicate the idea of a stamp. I prefer this design as the 1st and class are enclosed together.


I think this might look good if I have the border embossed and the letters inside embossed, however I'm concerned that it might look to obvious, too much like a stamp like an obvious design

I'm concerned that this may be too wide as a logo since some of my packages are intentionally tall and thin then this might look to cramped on the net where as something more square may be more appropriate

This just doesn't work at all it doesn't read well at all and first thing you read is the 'C'

In order to see what works best I think I will have to emboss a few I think are working best and test to see how they look when embossed and how easy they can be embossed because if letters are too small etc then it's not going to work easily and produce a good result

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