Thursday, 9 December 2010




Wednesday, 8 December 2010

After Effects

New composition- - PAL D1/DV widescreen square pixels
Frame rate 25 frames per second
Duration: 0:00:05:00

Adding a solid
Still images will last the duration of the composition by default

Adding layers- changing their time of appearance with the red bar

Animating solids- transform allows you to postion, scale, rotate, change opacity

My first attempt using simple squares on After Effects

After affects first try from Sophie Herring on Vimeo.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Three words- visuals

After looking at some imagery on  MY DESIGN CONTEXT I drew down some of my own initial ideas and visuals I associated with the words disperse, flip and extend.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Seminar with Lorraine

In the session with Lorraine we were talking about frames and amount of frames etc and storyboarding and rendering, she gave us some key terminology and information to help us.

Since our current brief is letterforms only, she gave us an excersise with a flipbook to use one letter and create movement throughout with this one letter. I chose 'S' and attempted to make the letter shatter, grow and move.

Digital media- Silent movie

These are the three words I chose from the randomiser, disperse is from the group where is it spacial, lots of movement. Flip is from the group where it canchange without moving and extend from the group- change by moving.
I took a quick look at definitions, links and the thesauraus for a broader range of knowledge on each word to hopefully extend my thinking.

Monday, 22 November 2010

End of module evaluation

Throughout this module I feel like I have learnt a great deal and gained a lot from it. As well as knowledge about print and processes I have improved my use and skills on software like Illustrator and InDesign. Before hand I would always avoid using Illustrator anyway I could because I hated it but even using it for basic things in this module has improved my confidence on it. I feel like I have been more practical with this module too, trying new skills like embossing, foiling and screen-printing.

I don’t think my research is that strong actually for this module, although I have tried out and experimented with techniques I am aware that my primary research could be extended a great deal I just found that I wanted to get making and be more practical with this module which is the wrong approach because you need to be informed. Although I did find myself looking at a great deal of existing product ranges, and printing and finishing techniques for my secondary research. Looking at existing ranges really informed the decisions I made for my range because it motivated me to try and create something which could exist in the real world, even if it didn’t turn out that way.

I think my strengths have been trying out new techniques, trying out things I was possibly ‘afraid’ of using, the likes of Illustrator.  Also I think I have kept on top of my work in terms of blogging and documenting. Where I maybe have been more weak is in ideas, I tended to come up with an idea vary this a little bit and I spend ages coming up with the best e.g. embossing, I spent ages coming up with the most suitable logo to emboss, another mistake I made was changing my stock at the last minute, I decided to bring in some silver and without even testing this out the screen printing and foiling basically went wrong leaving me with no time at the end to re-do them so consequently I ended up unhappy with some of my final products. I know for next time I need to make these kinds of decisions earlier on and test things out before going ahead with it.

Next time I will hopefully put more effort into primary research, expand on a range of ideas and not just focus on one, improve crafting skills, I believe these can be improved greatly and make decisions earlier on, leaving time to try and test things out. Lastly I would like to maybe work on a more fun concept although I did like the fact that I did something different as last year everything I did was a light hearted approach and this was more of a sensible and professional outlook even if it doesn’t look that way.

From this module I have gained a clearer direction of the work I like and would like to steer towards. I have loved learning as well as designing and making, it has made this module a lot more interesting and enjoyable.

Attendance- 5
Punctuality- 5
Motivation- 4
Commitment- 5
Quantity of work- 3
Quality of work-  3

Final Boards