Monday, 8 November 2010


So after I tried embossing some of my ideas, I realised that the one I wanted to use was too wide and therefore wouldn't fit onto some of my nets. The obvious option was to make it smaller, however I am concerned that if I do this then I won't be able to cut them out because they are so small and intricate. 

I drew down a few quick ideas/options of how I could change it so it's thinner

I thought about making the 1 smaller but the thing I liked most about my previous idea is that the 1 was large and was the length of '1st' and 'class' larger than the 'st' like an actual stamp. I've also thought about changing the name to just 1st C, taking away the class or just making it 1st.  
Another option is to decrease the size of the 1 so its the same as the others or place the letters after '1' underneath so it's vertical.

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