Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Foil Blocking

Selection of foils they have in the print room:

Originally I was set on using silver but after seeing the range available I am keen to try out the champagne and pewter.

Our screen with designs on in which we glued, then left to dry completely to foil later
The glue 

Some didn't work so successfully with the glue because it dried pretty quickly but these below worked well, just need to put the foil ontop

I really like the black on black, I was initially worried that it looked like a bin bag but when I put it under the heat press it turned out really nice. I think it portrays the look that I want, kind of sophisticated however, I also really like the pewter which is kind of a pearly silver, much nicer than standard silver which actually looked a bit tacky. 

Some of them were a bit patchy because the glue didn't take to parts of the stock but for the final design I would ensure I did everything properly.
Whilst in the print room I also asked about screen printing colours like metallics and fortunately they have a gold, silver, bronze and pearly silver so I would like to possibly try this out for the descriptions.

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