Thursday, 14 October 2010

Wrap it up

posh was my initial word, however I think it's obvious what would be done with the packages, I want to make something more inventive and do something creative with the box.

Thesaurus of words
  • luxury
  • deluxe
  • elegant
  • exclusive
  • smart
  • sharp
  • superior
  • first class
  • rich
  • Civility
  • Courtesy
  • Politeness
  • P's and Q's
  • Decency
Final word:


This is just an exampe, but as the limitations are two colours plus stock, I made this a duotone image using a pink and yellow.

I'm thinking of changing my word, I know it's supposed to be a quick decision and a summary, but I want it tobe a word that I can do a lot with. I'm going to look at adjectives as a describing word has more visual and imagery.

  • traditional
  • classic
  • stylish
  • delicate

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