Tuesday, 5 October 2010

What is good?

After looking at my associations list is seems like I'm focusing more on etiquette and social standard. However, I still want to have a light hearted approach, have fun with it and take the mick.

Rough, quick ideas from today:
  • Guide to Queen's tea party
  • Photos- cucumber sandwiches with crusts cut off
  • Quotes "Oh I say"
  • Posh
  • Tea cup, tea party
  • Cutlery- practise
  • Guide to being a snob
  • Scones
  • Tea
  • Guide that folds out to some kind of 'posh' item
  • Pack
  • Old women
  • Food etiquette
  • How to eat...
  • At a tea party
  • Cake arrangements
  • Facial expressions body language
  • Photo guide
I want the tone of voice to be light hearted and witty and not be serious at all.
I'm currently thinking 'Package and inform'

I need to look further into what I think personally is GOOD about etiquette and narrow it down and go from there.

Need to think about
Where will you distribute it

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