Friday, 8 October 2010

What is good? ideas

Have been thinking of associations of ettiquette and products I could produce. I don't want to go with the obvious and the first thing someone would think of when 'etiquette' is mentioned.
I've been looking at opposites, 'posh' and 'common' I was thinking of going off on a tangent off social class or a commoners tea party or something like that. Pretty unsure still.
I then thought of posh as stuck up and so some kind of nose products - something you would smell. Like the bags Fred showed us doing something with noses?
Then just looking at products I cnould work with from my research, I really don't want to do something obvious and Ilike too many things, I like the idea of doing the opposite of posh, some kind of range or products but then I like the whole classic etiquette and everytihng that goes with it theme.

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