Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Everything is applied and contained inside a frame in InDesign .
Bleed-used to compensate for any inacuuracywhen cropping
Set a standard bleed margin of 3mm

'Sepetations preview' allows you to see the values used for the individual colours, cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
This is cyan only.
Cyan and magenta.
Cyan, magenta and yellow.
Cyan, magenta, yellow and balck.
Cya, amgenta, yellow, black and the spot colour.

When printing,if you select seperations then the values of each colour will be printed out and each individual colour will be printed onto an individual page.
Knocking out and overprint
Window, output, attributes. Tick overprint gill.
This is the outcome when overpprint preview is on, instead of blocking the colour out it allows you to see the tone of the two colours placed ontop of one another.

Trapping- todo with overprint and registration
Applying a stroke around the text the samecolour as the background so there is no trapping. Set the stroke to overprint so letters don't shrink when you apply the stroke.

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