Thursday, 14 October 2010

Type- paragraphs

Arranging the text so that you read the words in aspecific hierachy, things to consider:
  • weight
  • case
  • size
  • position
Different variation I have done with the proverb ' a picture paints a thousand words'

Accuracy for litho printing is very improtant because during printing the dots sit next to each other.

A paragraphis used when there is a change of topic.
These paragraphs use a small point size as the go along to the right, making them fit the page by increasing the leading.
The second column uses a larger point size than the first one but fits into the same column size by taking away the spaces between paragraphs and indenting them. An indent should not be bigger than three characters in width.

Decreased the point size in the second column but made it fit by taking away the indent and creating spaces between each paragraph along with increasing the leading.

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