Saturday, 30 October 2010


I made up some miniture nets I liked and thought would be suitable.

Tall, elegant looking nets.

Triangular for sandwiches

These have came from the nets I was looking at on my design context design context

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Packaging- die cutting ideas

  • Different colour behind the die cut area
  • Die cut letter with photograph of the food behind
  • Die cut letter with plastic/acetate behind to show the product inside
  • Die cut letter with a pattern behind it
  • Die cut with text, repeated word behind
  • I think if I used die cutting with acetate, when the boxes are all put together with the different foods it might work quite well then again it might be too much.
  • This idea has been inspired from my design context research here My design context

Packaging- photography ideas

  • Range of ideas
  • Majority of package being the photo of food
  • White background so photo blends in looks elegant
  • Photo with the letter embossed into it
  • Letters filled with the photo of the food
  • The photo being the main focus, tiny names could be embossed or foil blocked
  • Strip of photo
  • Strip of photo with brand name die cut out or foil blocked
  • Photo split into two

Packaging-Embossing/foil blocking- ideas

  • Foil block the large letters with a small embossed brand name centred towards the top of each package
  • No actual print onto the boxes just print techniques, however for small writing this may be difficult
  • Party is just for design, should probably think of a better word although the range is for 'party food'

Packaging Mini range- ideas

  • All packages to be mini for a mini range
  • Still want packages to spell out something like my wrap it up brief, when they are put together
  • Could be name of brand or just spell out an associated word
  • Or each package could just have an individual word on it, however I like the idea of them working together as it makes it more of a range
  • I want to include some jars and bottles-labels

Mini range

What Is Good? concept crit


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mac suite- document mistakes

We were given an InDesign document to look at and in small groups find 8 mistakes based on the things that we have learned over the previous session. Mistakes including colour, images etc.

1st mistake:
Ink limit on the last page on the text 'back cover' is over the limit. This is because the registration has been changed to black.
2nd mistake:
Two of the pantone colour swatches haven't been used within the document

3rd mistake:
The light blue swatch is an RGB colour swatch

4th mistake:
One of the images within the document has a missing link and has not been saved previously
5th mistake:
Another image has been scaled down when brought onto InDesign to 15% meaning the DPI is now close to 2000 instead of 300

6th mistake:
Another image 'bird 5' has only 72 DPI instead of the desire 300

7th mistake:
The background on the front page doesn't have bleed

To edit an image that has been used on InDesign easily, go on 'get info' and change the option 'open with' to photoshop so that it takes you straight to Photoshop when you edit it through InDesign.

A quick way to see what mistakes are made within a document you can select, File and package and this will produce a summary for you with the issues raised on the document.

You can also choose the links and images option and this will show you what colours have been used and details of them etc.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Wrap it up- mock ups

I worked out spacing and size of the letters across the three boxes and printed them off on paper to try them out.

The H didn't totally work because the bottom came apart from the rest of the stock because this particular box doesn't have a bottom. However I figured that as I am going to placing a different colour stock behind the letter then the piece that seperates itself can be attached to that.

The paper boxes working together spell out the word 'Posh'